Integrated Applied Mathematics Program

IAM Overview

The IAM Ph.D. is a unique Applied Mathematics program designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research among graduate students and participating faculty. This interdisciplinary program gives students the opportunity to explore the frontier where the sciences meet cutting-edge mathematical analysis and high performance computing.


MHD Diagram

Fluid Transport

Fluid Transport

Unified Domain

Unified Domain

IAM Program

  • Unique curriculum emphasizing advanced applied mathematical methods and high performance computing.
  • Science topics include Fluid Dynamics, Plasma Physics, Space Physics, Geoscience, and Dynamical Systems.
  • 15 faculty members from multiple departments within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS).
  • Facilities include a new 4,096 core 2.4 Ghz Cray supercomputer sponsored by the NSF.
  • Students are supported by TA-ships, CEPS fellowships, and grants from NSF, NASA, DoE, AFOSR, and other agencies.
  • Prospective students should possess a Bachelor's or Master's degree in mathematics, a physical science, or engineering.

IAM Information

IAM Co-Directors
Dr. Mark Lyon
Dr. Greg Chini

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IAM Program
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