High Reynolds Number Boundary Layer Turbulence:

Integrating Descriptions of Statistical Structure, Scaling, and Dynamic Evolution

November 20-22, 2013, University of New Hampshire
Piscataqua Room, Holloway Commons

Welcome: The UNH Integrated Applied Mathematics (IAM) Program and the workshop steering committee are pleased to be your host. We are similarly pleased to acknowledge the support of our sponsors: Talk Format: Each speaker slot on the program is 25 minutes. Speakers are asked, however, to prepare a 15 minute talk, so that there is ample time for discussion. Speakers are also asked to tailor their talk so that it addresses workshop themes. A set of focus questions has been prepared to facilitate this. This is a workshop, and thus talks that put forth hypotheses, new perspectives or interesting speculations are appropriate and encouraged.

Venue: The workshop will be held in the Piscataqua Room at Holloway Commons (see UNH Campus Map). When entering Holloway Commons from Quad Way, this room is located up one level. It is a short walk to the meeting venue if you are staying in Durham.

Parking: If you are driving, free parking has been arranged in the Mill Road lot adjacent to Holloway Commons as indicated on the map. Just let the parking lot staff person know that you are attending the workshop. Durham is a traditional New England town, and thus Main Street is one-way, in this case heading east. To get to Mill Road, you will thus need to go one block north of Main Street, and circle around so that you can approach Mill Road from the west.

Lunch: Although you are welcome to sample the various lunch options in downtown Durham, lunch will be provided everyday at the Holloway Commons Dining Hall. This is provided to foster extended discussions. Just inform the dining hall staff that you are with the workshop. UNH has one of the top-rated dining services in the country.

Workshop Dinner: The IAM steering committee is pleased to host the workshop speakers and attendees to a dinner on Thursday night (Nov. 21) at Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe. We are confident that you will enjoy this experience, as Jumpin’ Jay’s has been rated the best seafood restaurant in Portsmouth for a number of years. (Note, however, that vegetarian, chicken and beef options will also be available.) For purposes of obtaining an overall headcount, please let Joe Klewicki (joe.klewicki@unh.edu) know if you will be able to attend the workshop dinner. For those staying in Durham, transportation to and from Portsmouth will be provided.

Collection of Talks: When at the workshop, please be sure to provide an electronic version of your talk to John Gibson. These will then be posted on the workshop section of the IAM website. Instructions for uploading talks will be forthcoming.